Android OS version

Cell phones nowadays are no longer meant for simple communication by calling and texting. More than that, today the tech industry offers smartphones or Android phones that can do a lot more than a simple text messaging and calling. With operation system called Android, phones now can be used to access the internet using Wi-Fi. With this, the user of the android phone can easily check their messenger, emails, social network accounts, watch videos on different video hosting websites, and view and post pictures on photo-sharing sites. All the user need is access to Wi-Fi.

There are lots of Android phones in the market. These are available in different brand names and come in different prices and features. When you buy an Android phone, you have to consider lots of factors.

The Android OS version

Different Android phones have different operation system versions. Some have 2.3, and some are 4.0. Depending on your budget and needs, you have to determine what Android operation system you think will suit you. Of course, the latest version may cost a lot then the phones with older Android versions. The features and capacity of various OS versions also differ. If you think that the phone with older OS is just right with you, you don’t need to deal with the latest versions that can be more complicated to use.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

The Budget

Always go with the phone that has lower priced but already has all that you need. You don’t have to buy the latest ones if you don’t need complex features and applications not applicable for your need. Remember that you purchase the android phone because of your needs. If your needs are all present in a phone that cost cheaper than another due to its OS version, you choose it over the latest one.


The Look

Aside from the applications and features, the least thing you will consider is the look. Choose android phones that are easy to carry, stylish, and made of high quality. Android phones come in different colors depending on the brand. Some will offer you phones in black, white, pink or red.