Handy Android Tips

People ignore the technical details or titbits of information and continue to work in a lame way. They don’t know how can they make best of their smart devices and make it run efficiently. It is primarily because they hate exploring and they love sticking to basics. If they get into trouble they rely on the repair-guy or trouble-shooter to figure-out and fix their problem. Here in this article we will share few basics must know methods in Android which every Android user must know. Here we go:

Yes! You Can Disable Those Annoying Notifications

  • Notifications can be sometimes very annoying because it always seeks attention. There are some notifications which are necessary and some which only irritates the user. So there is way to turn them off explicitly. To get rid of unwanted information in any version similar or above than Jelly Bean 4.1 you just have to long press the notification bar till a point when a message box appears. Go to App Info >> Un-Select the Show Notifications >> OK. And you have successfully removed notification from that particular Application.

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Wi-Fi Users, You do have control over your mobile data usage

  • There are times when people get surprised when they check their 2g/3g data usage despite staying on Wi-Fi most of the time. Yes, you can control over your mobile data and set restrictions on it. Just hop over to Settings >> Data Usage. You turn off mobile data usage by toggle Mobile Data to off state.
  • If at times you don’t want to turn off mobile data but restrict it to some boundaries than you go to Settings >> Data Usage and then you can move the orange line as per your monthly limits. You can set your data cycle by specifying the start and end date of the monthly reporting period.

mobile data usage

You can turn off Automatic App Updates

  • Those apps update automatically triggers in the background without your permission and make your processing & internet usage slows for a while. You can turn that off completely when you’re roaming. When you get Wi-Fi connection and device is idle you can turn it on and let the app updates itself according to your wish and convenience. For that you only need to open Play Store >> Settings. Tap on Auto-Update Apps and select Do not auto-update apps.

Automatic App Updates

 Clearing Defaults Apps

  • Many times user installs a new browsers or any other application and they want the files related to particular application must be opened in newly installed application. Like you want Videos to be always opened in MX-Player or your default browser should be Firefox. So you can make the defaults and then when you open the new application you can go ahead in setting the default according to your choice. To remove defaults go to Settings >> Apps and swipe to right and select the app which you want to clear the default and press on Clear Defaults.