Internet Browsers

Most of the Internet users today won’t be aware of the Netscape Navigator browser that started the web browsers market and ruled it for some years in the initial days of the Internet. Once the Internet Explorer from Microsoft came to the market, it quickly became the most popular browser as it was bundled free with the Windows operating system by Microsoft.

However, those days are long gone when the users did not have much choice regarding browsers. These days, the users are spoilt for choice when it comes to the browsers. It ‘s hard to choose between various browsers as all of the top browsers can be labeled as best internet browsers. All of these offer almost everything that a user needs to browse the Internet and do various other productive things.

Most of the users online use three or four major browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari Apple have captured a significant share of the global browser market. When it comes to choosing between these, a user needs to take into account the following factors to make the decision.

Internet Browsers In The World


A Web browser needs to be fast and should work on all the major operating systems in the world today. The best way to compare the rate of various browsers is to download the top four or five browsers and visit the same site in each browser. It’ll give you an idea of the speed of the browser.

Internet Browsers Speed


Even though most of the major browsers come loaded with a variety of features, one thing that makes a big difference in the user experience is the number of third-party add-ons available for the browser. Chrome Web browser from Google and Firefox browser from Mozilla have hundreds of thousands of free and paid add-ons that enhance the browsing experience of the user.

These add-ons range from downloading tools to advertising blockers to web development among many other categories.

Security and Updates

Needless to say, the browser should be completely secure and should release updates quickly to plug any newly discovered security loopholes. These days, security researchers keep finding new holes in the web server software and the browsers need to be updated quickly to ensure that users are always safe while browsing the Internet.

Internet Browsers Security and Updates

Best Internet Browsers

In this section, we will compare two of the most popular Internet browsers today. These are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

This is one of the most popular web browsers available today for free. The unique thing about this browser is that it is developed by Mozilla foundation that is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing completely open source software. It has a very intuitive interface and has hundreds of thousands of add-ons that offer the highest level of customization to users.

The developers of Firefox keep updating it at regular intervals to ensure that it is always secure. Another advantage of Firefox browser is that this browser can be used on almost all the operating systems available today.

Google Chrome

A unique thing about this browser is that it is open source and is developed by Google. It is extremely fast and provides excellent browsing experience. Also, it has some free extensions and add-ons available that allow users to customize their browsing experience.

Choosing between the top browsers is difficult. All of these browsers offer excellent browsing experience and are regularly updated. Therefore, the choice often depends on the taste of the end user.