Laptop Brands

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been that active for a while now, and I do apologize for that. Anyways, today I’m going to write an article about Best Laptop Brands of 2014. Laptops brands certainly play the major role while buying a laptop. People do have their trust in brands, and in that case, they don’t need help from anyone. However, if you’re about to buy a new laptop and have no idea what brand to choose then you certainly are at the right place. Here we’re going talk all about laptop brands and nothing else. Deciding specs are easy which are according to your needs, if you’re a gamer, then you’re going to need an extra powerful laptop with the graphics card and better processor, but if you need a laptop just for entertainment stuff or light work, then any regular laptop would be good for you.

If you have any friend or relative, who is good with tech stuff and in case you ask him “What Laptop should I Buy?” Then I’m sure he/she is going to ask you to choose the brand, and then that person can help you with specifications such as RAM, processor, HDD, etc. So now your question is “What laptop brand is best?” Well, there is no “one” brand which is best and no matter what it is. In a notebook, industry professionals prefer Apple brand laptops, and on other hand people in business prefer Dell. Anyways, everyone’s needs are different, and so the name differs. Here I’m going to list top 3 best laptop brands of 2017 which are overall best, reliable and have been in the industry for real long time.

Best Laptop Brands

1. Apple

Apple has been one of the best technology companies for a long time now. Their iPhones are already incomparable with any other smartphones and now even their laptops which are known as MacBooks. Right now they have only two laptops, one is MacBook Pro, super powerful to handle anything you throw at it and with Retina Display it is one of the clearest and crispest quality machines, another one is, MacBook Air, super slim yet powerful for most of your tasks. So overall, Apple is the best only if you’re not looking for a Windows based laptop because Apple has their OS known as Macintosh and you can’t replace it with Windows.


2. Sony

I have been using Sony VAIO laptop for a long time now, and I can personally guarantee that their laptops are durable. From a great Sony is known for their top-notch and reliable electronic products. Laptops from Sony VAIO series are designed and engineered very professionally since they have been manufacturing laptops for a long time. The best so far from Sony is undoubtedly the Sony VAIO Pro which is one of the slimmest ultrabooks in the market and can compete with MacBook Air in slimness. Prices of Sony VAIO laptops might be little high than an ordinary laptop, but they are worth and are going to last for a long time. So all I’m going to say is, Sony is yet another best laptop brand, but with Sony, you will be using Windows without any hustle.


3. Acer

Acer is yet another one of the best laptop brands in 2014. Acer launched their first laptop about 14 years ago, and since then they have been in the market competing with other top-notch laptop brands. Right now Acer has two series one of which is Aspire, and another is of Chromebooks, which comes with pre-installed Chrome OS. In last few years Acer has manufactured plenty of best and reliable laptops which have ruled the market. Recently they released few ultrabooks which are simply the swiftest and designed very well. The only reason people don’t rely on Acer is their customer support. I’m not saying they are worst, but they could surely do better with phone support. All in all, Acer was a great laptop brand in 2017, and you certainly can buy at an affordable price.


What are other best laptop brands in 2017?

Well, other than Acer, Sony and Apple there are plenty of more best and high-quality laptop brands such as Lenovo, Toshiba, ASUS, Dell, and Samsung. All these names have been known for a long time and have been manufacturing top laptops. I guess now you have the idea about laptop brands and if you’re still confused about something then feel free to let know through comments.