by Chico M. Koch

What is this Chiconomise Business?
Moneymoneymoney – it’s all everyone seems to be talking about these days…There’s no denying the fact that we’re living in financially testing times. With doom and gloom in the papers and on TV, a gal can’t be blamed for feeling a tad depressed about the state of her bank balance and guilty for still wanting to enjoy the finer things in life.

Sure, we all know that society is facing a new age of thriftiness, but that doesn’t have to mean forgoing nights out with the girls and the odd shopping spree for beans on toast and dowdy dresses – you just have to think smart. It’s perfectly possible to save money and still have loads of fun. That’s the Chiconomise way – the art of living a stylish life for less.

And that’s where we come in. We’ve been scouring the city to discover the cheeky tips and tricks that will allow you to live well while watching your pennies. Each week, we will be publishing ‘6 of the best’ to share with you in our free newsletter. Our tips will guide you to the best deals to be had in fashion, beauty, eating, drinking and of course… going out! We also have a ‘We Love…’ section where we will share a special something we have found each week.

What is the Editorial policy at Chiconomise?
There is no underlying motive with the stuff we recommend, there will be no ‘pay to display’ on our site. Anything we recommend is simply because we think it’s cool and wanna share the deal with you, our lovely readers! Equally, if you find or have a deal that you think we should know about, drop us a line at deals@chiconomise.com

Who are the brains behind Chiconomise?
That will be two lovely ladies who go by the names of Michelle Dewberry and Phoebe Frangoul.

You’ll probably recognise Michelle as being the girl who fought off stiff competition from over 15,000 people to win BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ (in fact, the only girl ever to do so in the UK, which we think is rather great!). Being a true Northern lass, Michelle loves a bargain and like all of us, loves to treat herself on the odd occasion too. Her friends may describe her as tight but she prefers to describe it as being chic-onomic.

Phoebe is a very clever lady who was previously editor of Glamour.com and co-founded alternative fashion magazine, Pamflet. She has written for The Guardian and The Sunday Times and blogged on Bridesmagazine.co.uk about her ‘DIY’ wedding. She is currently writing a book about planning a stylish wedding on a budget. She likes nothing better than unearthing something from the back of her wardrobe that’s so old it’s back in fashion, and is proud to order tap water in restaurants!