The Sound of Music, or the Sound of Silence: When and Where Runners Should Use Headphones

Friends, runners, fitness enthusiasts… Lend me your ears. That is, of course, if they aren’t already too busy listening to Fergie belt out your favorite tune while you take out some aggression on the track. Listening to music while running has become so commonplace, that many people have signature play lists and go-to motivational songs to help get (and stay) pumped. In fact, many music services even have music play lists designed for running or cardio.

But, has all of this tuning in caused people to start tuning out?

While music players have become as necessary as running shoes for some, there are reasons against having Eminem laying down his latest hit in your ears as you run. Perhaps the most obvious point against running with headphones or ear buds is the ability to hear traffic. This, of course, applies to runners who utilize sidewalks and roadways for their workouts. Being able to hear a car’s horn, or the warning yell of a fellow pedestrian can help save you from injury and, potentially, death. But even runners who frequent less busy areas should consider freeing their ears. Trail runners, for example, will want to be able to hear any potentially threatening wildlife, as well as an incoming storm. Runners in parks and residential areas will need to hear if a less-than-friendly dog has decided to tag along, or if someone needs to get their attention (be it another pedestrian, a child, a police officer, etc.). Another less common argument against the use of headphones is the ability to listen to one’s body. Many injuries and discomforts encountered in running can be avoided when adjustments are made to foot turnover rates, stride, and other aspects of your running form. However, one of the key ways to check and adjust these areas is to feel, as well as listen to your footfalls. Pounding the ground too hard can lead to excessive soreness, and even injury. But, if you are too busy rocking out, you may have a hard time telling the difference between your heavy footfalls and the sweet bass line.

Monitoring your breathing can also be easier when your iPod is left at home.

Finally, there is also the fact that many races do not allow the use of headphones or ear buds. Which means that, if all of your training was conducted with the aid of your own personal athletic soundtrack, you might be unpleasantly surprised to learn just how much of your motivation comes from your music when you finish significantly worse on race day than you had intended. Of course, there are also reasons in favor of musical runs. Many people (myself included) enjoy pairing their runs with a nice play list. Music can help to motivate you, it can distract you from the time, and it can even provide that extra push you need during your last mile. If you really want to plan your play list extensively, you can even look up the BPM (beats per minute) of your favorite songs and compile them in an order that corresponds with your workout (start off with a slow, steady tune, build up to a solid rock song, then really fire up the pace with an uptempo dance mix). Previously, I couldn’t imagine running without music; just the thought of it made me feel bored and sluggish. Since then, however, I have become more aware of my body and how I feel when I run. I’ve learned that I appreciate my effort more after I finish a “silent” run, because I was fully aware of every part of me during my workout; I was also the only source of my motivation. If you are one of those runners who can’t imagine putting on your running shoes without popping in your ear buds as well, then I challenge to break the habit, just for one run. Whether it is outside, on the track, or on the treadmill (yes, I’ve even done music-less runs on the dreaded ‘mill), try it. Leave your music at home and see how it feels to just listen to your feet, your breath, and your thoughts. It may not be as entertaining as Lady GaGa, but I promise there is something to it all the same. Who knows, you might just like it!

A Brief Review of Lenovo Y520 Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo Y520 isn’t Lenovo’s first attempt at a crack at the laptop gaming market. It has built other gaming laptops before, but few have made such a significant impact on the market. The first line of laptops from Lenovo’s Legion series, this is meant to be a bang for buck laptop. it surely is among the best gaming laptop under 1500 that you can buy today. Decently priced, it’s not meant to blow you away. Instead, it’s built to do what it is always meant for, deliver amazing gaming performance at a reasonable price. The market is crowded with other heavier spec laptops. However, few have tried to stay under the $1000-dollar price tag. Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop

Specifications which make it a buyer’s choice

Although the Y520 is a mid-range laptop, it comes with some great hardware. It’s designed with the plastic Kevlar material, and although it’s not meant to pop your eyeballs when you look at it, it provides some decent protection against physical impact. The laptop has a sleek and tapered finish, and it comes packed with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU. These deliver excellent performance for gaming action. It’s among the best laptop for money today, and we will take a look why. Despite being made entirely of plastic, the Y520 feels rigid when you hold it. It has a 15.6-inch 1080p display panel with thick bezels, and the keyboard comes with the stylish red backlit feature. The touchpad is also surrounded by red accents, and the whole laptop weighs 5.6 pounds.

Good Choice of Accessories

What do you need from a good laptop for money? We are sure you would want it to havw as many ports as you need to finish all your tasks – without having to buy in any adaptors. The Y520 does seem to deliver on these counts. It is decently stocked with ports; 2 USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet jack, a headphone jack, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, an SD card reader and an HDMI output. The CPU is 2.8 GHz when it’s overclocked, and it runs on Windows 10 Home Edition. The RAM is 16 GB, and the Hard Drive is 256 GB4. good gaming-laptops


The 1080p panel offers good viewing angles. But the downside of the display is that it gives off a dark and dull hue. Thus, you have to crank up the settings to maximum brightness if you want to see the screen clearly. This is quite reminiscent of how budget gaming laptops cut corners to bring down the price. While focusing on the performance side, they have to make some sacrifices, usually on the display front. The colors are mostly accurate, but sometimes the screen falls to a greenish tinge which might put you off. It is not built for multimedia consumption. The panel isn’t that bright either, coming off at 220 nits.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is where the Y520 excels at. You will have an amazing typing experience on this thing. It’s comfortable to type on, and you don’t have to force press on the keys to making it register on the screen. The downside of the keyboard is that it is only backlit in red. Thus you cannot customize and add more colors to make it look better or cater to your taste. The touchpad, when compared to the keyboard, is kind of awkward. It is an absolute nightmare to use, as it is awkwardly designed and not all your keystrokes on the touchpad will register on the laptop screen. gaming laptop


The speakers are decently loud enough, and you won’t have a problem listening to the in-play gaming action. But it is highly recommended that you use headphones to have a better audio experience. The laptop comes preloaded with Dolby Audio app, where you can customize various settings such as the sound profiles. Unfortunately, you cannot crank up the volume to make the laptop louder.

Gaming and Graphics

The graphics card which is packed under the hood of the Y520 should not be taken lightly. The VRAM of 4GB offers good frame rates for games that rely on the graphics card heavily. When compared to other budget laptops with similar price tags, this laptop shines on the frame rate front. It continually offers better frame rates than the likes of Dell’s Inspiron. So, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any lags. In fact, we tried testing the GTA V on this and got a good frame rate of nearly 38 fps. We didn’t find any noticeable lag too, and we assume you can play most modern games without a hiccup on this one. Lenovo Legion Y720


When your laptop comes loaded with the latest of Intel’s Core i7, you know your laptop is bound to be a beast. It’s 256 GB PCI SSD drive will allow you to transfer files at lightning speeds, and with the RAM of 16 GB, you can open 50 tabs on your chrome browser yet your Y520 won’t break a sweat. The benchmarks offer better numbers than other similarly priced laptops.


The Y520 falters a bit on the battery front. Although a laptop is meant to be portable, you can’t go much further with your Y520. Offering just under 3 and a half hours of juice, you need to stay near a power plug while gaming.

Know the Pros and Cons of Lenovo Y520

Pros · Sleek and tapered design · Great Keyboard · Strong gaming performance · Stays cool while gaming · Well priced budget laptop Cons · Dull display · Poor battery life · Awkward touchpad booming gaming laptop

Bottom Line:

The Lenovo Y520 is an absolute beast when it comes to performance and an excellent gaming laptop. It’s a well-priced budget laptop that won’t break your bank account. It has some noticeable drawbacks, but nothing too severe to make you stay away from this amazing product.

Why You Should Use Motorcycle Wireless Headphones

Motorcycle Wireless Headphones
Not every motorcycle enthusiasts out there are sold on the idea that they should use wireless technology when it comes to headphones. If you are still considering what motorcycle wireless headphones can do for you, this is the best place to learn more about it. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Have you remembered the old days of the 2-up motorcycle touring? This was the time when the 2-wheel audio system was still the trend wherein hollering, and hand signals were the norm for the intercom. How about with GPS guidance, radar detectors, music or for communications? This was unthinkable before. But then when the 55mph speed limit came, where various creative individuals began introducing the small 23-channel CB radio for their Vetter Windjammers, utilized hand-held microphones and even listened to the tiny integral speaker for some radio tunes. As time passed by, they got even more creative. They started adapting earbuds for their CB and even worn them within the helmet to improve the audio quality while they were driving at higher speeds, especially under the windiest conditions. But that was the limit of their creativity at that time. Bike-to-bike and intercom communications still used hollering and hand signals. But that was still acceptable to them at that time, as long as their long distance driving was solo, not without a buddy or riding passenger. The other biker folks possessed more electrical skills, knowledge and the determination. They sometimes rode with passengers in groups; they began developing for methods that integrate small microphones and speakers into the helmets in the same way that Aviator helmets were made. And in the same way that they were integrated into it, the electronics on the helmets were connected with the audio devices using wires. Even though there are helmet headsets available as described like the Aviator headsets do, the way they are connected have gotten more complex, varied and useful. The basic concept of the microphone and speakers have remained unchanged – wherein they are integrated into the helmet and then connected to the audio devices of the bike by wire. This has only changed recently with an introduction of a specific technology.

Wired headphones

Those who have grown up among the biker community and have been using audio-equipped bikes while riding has gotten used with the wired headphones. For such a community, they are comfortable and familiar with how they are used and with it alone and how they are used with it for many years; it can cause them to reject the new technology. Aside from this reason, wired headphones are very simple for them – all they need is just plug it in the front or the rear audio plugs. There is no need for them to think about linking the transmitters. It doesn’t matter which OEM device that is operated by the audio controls of the bike like the CB, stereo or intercom can ever be heard or even get operated by both the passenger and the rider. Although it requires the integration of special products, the aftermarket products like radar detectors and cell phones may need to be wired onto the audio system for it to function, but only when the bike itself was originally equipped with such devices. Some companies have manufactured motorcycle headphones in different quality, and price levels, not to mention their repair parts were easily accessible.

Bluetooth® Technology

Bluetooth Intercom Motorcycle Wireless HeadphonesWhen Bluetooth® was introduced into the world; people have witnessed the number of companies that have developed wireless headphones that are integrated into motorcycle helmets. Its early attempts were obviously primitive, wherein the systems could only pair up with one device at a time. There wasn’t any intercom feature except the wired connection to the helmet of the passenger. Other systems integrated with the Bluetooth® technology were developed for communication with rider-to-passenger or bike-to-bike connection without any ability in connecting with other devices. But this is assuming that one can even find other devices equipped with Bluetooth® technology. The compatibility of the systems was required, too. Today, a lot of GPS units and many other mobile technologies are either enabled with Bluetooth®, or it can be done by plugging some “dongle” in the 3.5mm headphone output jack of the device and the headphones themselves can be paired with each other together with other devices at the same time. Unlike with the wired headphones, the repair parts of the Bluetooth® devices are not easy to come by. This means that they are not usually sold separately and the repair services for it are not available all the time. The main convenience of having a Bluetooth® powered technology is that you don’t need to worry about the connection wires or cables swinging around while driving your bike. But when your device suffers electronic failure right on the road, then you will have to accept the situation and wait for someone to repair it for you. The worse that can happen is when the unit runs out of warranty; it is highly likely that you will need to buy a new one.

So should you purchase one?

Should you choose a wired headphone or a wireless one? If you ask experts, the conclusion that they’ve got after asking several bikers in the community, the answer entirely depends on your needs. The wired headphones do not have an internal power source, while the units with Bluetooth® technology comes with rechargeable batteries that have a pretty much useful life that lasts between 10 and 15 hours in between charges. As with audio quality, there is a distinct difference between Bluetooth® and Wired. The Bluetooth technology itself has a difference from one model to another and even comparing between brands. You will often find specific brands that have excellent voice reproduction, while others are excellent in music and voice quality. The newest Bluetooth 4.1 technology promises better connection and audio quality, which is found in the best motorcycle wireless headphones brand in the market. In the end, whatever is comfortable for the user is what they should decide it on.

Discover How The Apple iPad Has Reinvented The Tablet PC

Developing a New Mobile Gadget
Tablet computer systems have been in existence for quite a while, but they had not caught on the wider consumer marketplace. Almost all of them have been pitched for highly specific reasons in the corporate setting. It was Apple that created the tablet computer that reached more than 3 million customers within only 80 days. It was the Apple iPad. The field of tablet computing was never the same again.

Developing a New Mobile Gadget Genre

mobile will do in the future Reading the specs of the iPad, one needs to ask why it had never been done before. But a closer inspection indicates that iPad needed the prosperity of the Apple iPhone and the Kindle to create market receptivity to it. Multimedia, internet surfing and interacting on the iPad bring a unique experience. Powered by a 1 GHz Apple A4 SoC which had the ARM Cortex A8 processor inside it and running on the same platform as the iOS4 that would soon run the brand new apple iPhone 4 after it, the iPad was the less powerful laptop. However, it wasn’t designed to replace a laptop. It had been intended to be better than a laptop in the multimedia and internet surfing departments, with half the load of the lightest laptop at 1.5lbs and half as thick. You could state that a laptop could easily get the job done, together with a cell phone. But Apple took the gamble and gave the world that which was better than typically the most popular smartphone available, the apple iPhone, and gave it the size that made the laptop a big internet and multimedia gadget. In the words of Apple Boss, Jobs, the Apple iPad is “much better than the usual laptop, much better than the typical smartphone.”

Much better than the Apple iPhone and Laptops

Apple iPhone and Laptops The Apple iPad has a few outstanding features no laptop has. Its 9.7-inch Insolvency practitioner (In-Plane Switching) Brought backlit display just outclasses all laptops. With XGA resolution and 16 million colors, watching a film on it while on the highway doesn’t have competition. You can view clips or images in any orientation because of its 3-axis accelerometer. You do not even require a keyboard even though this is optional from the proprietary 30-pin docking connectivity. Its capacitive touch screen with multitouch and gesture input capacity is all that’s necessary. If that feature was the important thing that catapulted the apple iPhone to legendary status, wait until you have it on the iPad’s bigger screen. It will get better with a battery life that enables you to watch three full movies end to end, which no laptop can perform at this time. You receive 10 hrs of movie watching or 140 hrs of non-stop music listening on one full charge. Internet surfing is a fulfilling experience on screens bigger than the largest screen on the cell phone. The Apple iPad offers Wi-Fi compatibility 802.11 a/b/g/n and the choice to go HSDPA over a 3rd generation for better surfing experience. The Apple iPad turns into a phone just by utilizing a headset or its speaker and microphone facilities.

Which Are The Best Internet Browsers?

Internet Browsers
Most of the Internet users today won’t be aware of the Netscape Navigator browser that started the web browsers market and ruled it for some years in the initial days of the Internet. Once the Internet Explorer from Microsoft came to the market, it quickly became the most popular browser as it was bundled free with the Windows operating system by Microsoft. However, those days are long gone when the users did not have much choice regarding browsers. These days, the users are spoilt for choice when it comes to the browsers. It ‘s hard to choose between various browsers as all of the top browsers can be labeled as best internet browsers. All of these offer almost everything that a user needs to browse the Internet and do various other productive things. Most of the users online use three or four major browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari Apple have captured a significant share of the global browser market. When it comes to choosing between these, a user needs to take into account the following factors to make the decision. Internet Browsers In The World


A Web browser needs to be fast and should work on all the major operating systems in the world today. The best way to compare the rate of various browsers is to download the top four or five browsers and visit the same site in each browser. It’ll give you an idea of the speed of the browser. Internet Browsers Speed


Even though most of the major browsers come loaded with a variety of features, one thing that makes a big difference in the user experience is the number of third-party add-ons available for the browser. Chrome Web browser from Google and Firefox browser from Mozilla have hundreds of thousands of free and paid add-ons that enhance the browsing experience of the user. These add-ons range from downloading tools to advertising blockers to web development among many other categories.

Security and Updates

Needless to say, the browser should be completely secure and should release updates quickly to plug any newly discovered security loopholes. These days, security researchers keep finding new holes in the web server software and the browsers need to be updated quickly to ensure that users are always safe while browsing the Internet. Internet Browsers Security and Updates

Best Internet Browsers

In this section, we will compare two of the most popular Internet browsers today. These are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

This is one of the most popular web browsers available today for free. The unique thing about this browser is that it is developed by Mozilla foundation that is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing completely open source software. It has a very intuitive interface and has hundreds of thousands of add-ons that offer the highest level of customization to users. The developers of Firefox keep updating it at regular intervals to ensure that it is always secure. Another advantage of Firefox browser is that this browser can be used on almost all the operating systems available today.

Google Chrome

A unique thing about this browser is that it is open source and is developed by Google. It is extremely fast and provides excellent browsing experience. Also, it has some free extensions and add-ons available that allow users to customize their browsing experience. Choosing between the top browsers is difficult. All of these browsers offer excellent browsing experience and are regularly updated. Therefore, the choice often depends on the taste of the end user.